2019 #SAAM Technology and Gender Violence Workshop

We’re thrilled to announce two new workshops for #SAAM2019 centered around the role technology plays in safety and gender violence and social justice in performance art.

Workshop One: Technology and Gender Violence

We’ll be discussing apps, social networking, cyber stalking, #metoo, and presenting a hands-on wearable robotics activity where students can explore their feelings of safety in public and private space. No previous experience with robotics, coding, or fashion is necessary and every student can walk away with a starter robotics kit they can develop themselves!

Workshop Two: Performance Art and Social Justice

Students will be guided through a brief history of performance art as it pertains to social justice while also asked to contribute their thoughts on influential contemporary artists and performances. To Skin a Catcaller artist and founder Mirabelle Jones will discuss this and other projects of hers which address street harassment and gender violence. Students will be encouraged to develop their own ideas for performances and artworks which bring light to issues of social justice which they feel passionately about.

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