Art Against Assault is a grassroots organization established to grant survivors a platform for creating artwork which speaks out against sexual assault and domestic violence to raise awareness and funds for survivor resources. Founded in 2011 by survivor artist and activist Mirabelle Jones, Art Against Assault has, for nearly a decade, offered a unique platform for discussion and support in the survivor community with a focus on students, local communities, and public art campaigns. Following their own sexual assault which they experienced while still enrolled in graduate school, Jones started Art Against Assault as a way for survivor artists, performers, musicians and writers to unite through a shared mission of breaking the silence surrounding sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence through the production of creative works. Proceeds from these works go towards supporting national sexual assault and domestic violence victim’s resources.

Among many other activities, Art Against Assault has provided workshops and presentations at universities across the country for Sexual Assault Awareness month. Previously, we’ve visited the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mills College, Maryland College Institute of the Art, Syracuse University, Rhode Island School of Design, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kentucky University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and more (see our tour page for the full list) to speak to student survivors about the power of creative works to heal trauma and enact social change. To request a speaking appointment, please email info@artagainstassault.com

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