Art Against Assault accepts donations for upcoming and current projects. All profits from any sales of our projects goes towards benefiting regional and national crisis centers. You can donate using the button below:

How Your Donation Helps:

$25 – $50 helps pay for one month of our baseline operating costs including our web and social media presence.

$250 covers the cost of travel to promotional events including national outreach, collaboration with survivor resources across the country, and workshops.

$500 helps sponsor 1 emerging survivor artist’s project in the form of a small grant. We will name this grant after you and keep in touch about the artist’s work.

$1,000 – $2,500 sponsors one pop up gallery or workshop for a survivor resource. We will make sure to mention you as the donor who made this pop up gallery or workshop possible.

$5,000 makes all of the above possible for one fiscal year.

For every donation we receive, we are able to not only assist survivor-artists with sharing their experiences while speaking out against sexual assault through the production of new creative works, but on average we are also able to raise 3 – 5 times the amount of that donation for a survivor resource. To date, Art Against Assault has worked with dozens of rape crisis centers nationwide and raised thousands for survivor resources across the country while producing and promoting enduring works of art which speak out against sexual assault and rape. Please consider helping us in our mission.


We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for contributing to Art Against Assault:

The University of North Texas

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Syracuse University

The School of the Art Institute in Chicago

Maryland Institute College of the Arts

The University of California, Berkeley

Mills College

Todd Huffman

Chris Warfield

Crutcher Dunnavant

Charles Lyons

Gwendolyn McKay

Brian Fidler

Nicole Atencio-Olewiler

Markus Freise

Kim Berman

Deb Bolgla

Karna Grenier

Amandine Piomelli

Jonathan Taylor

S A Friedman

Lieven Leroy

Charmaine Chia

Ari Lacenski

Brooklyn Wildlife